The wheels that Honda put onto this bike along with many others in its range in the late 70s were lightweight, strong and relatively easy for Honda to make. 

Thirty five years on, the task of renovating them proves to be far from easy. For starters, the spokes are not easy to remove, they are riveted to the rim and bolted to the hub. I contacted a lot of companies - maybe more than 20 - and most didn't want to touch the work. My local Honda store took one look at the wheels and handed them back to me! Turns out that the rubber bushes in the hub are a pig to remove and can take hours of manual work. And as the spokes do not easily come apart, cleaning between them is really difficult.

I also got a mix of advice from my research, some said to paint them, others to powder-coat. Eventually I found a specialist firm in Cupar, Fife, Scotland - Bike Paints - and they took on the project and blasted them back to the metal, filled the pitting and hand-painting the rims. The wheels were then powder-coated as this was the only way to get a good finish on both sides of the spokes. 

One of the main considerations was how to match the finish of the original wheels, which were not high gloss, but like an anodised type of finish. I found some good examples online and we tried our best to match these. Images of the finished wheels will be added below once I collect them.