The Summer of '78

The Honda CB125T2 was first on sale in the UK in 1978. Around that time I was a fifteen year old boy looking forward to riding my Yamaha FS1M on public roads once my sixteenth birthday arrived in the December of that year.

It didn't take long on a restricted 50cc moped to realise I needed a more powerful tool. Enter the Honda CB125T2. Ahead of its time in terms of styling, this was potent for its time, packing a 17HP engine that could, on a good day, see 75-80 mph! 

Only there was one problem: at £620 is was a good few hundred pounds beyond my reach. Paper rounds didn't pay much back then and a four year stint at Art College meant that I was never destined to own the bike of my dreams.

Roll the clock on almost 36 years and I finally take delivery of a Honda CB125T2. 

For the past year I have been scouring the classifieds, watching e-Bay like a hawk and asking around at shops and at my local bike group. Apart from a few shabby examples there had been nothing for months. And then, like the proverbial bus, two come along at once. The first bike I bid for on e-Bay was black and in good (not great) condition. I bid £920 and was outbid in the last few moments of the auction. 

As luck would have it, within a few weeks, a second bike appeared. Only this time it was silver and in much better condition. The owner had painstakingly restored it over a two year period and was ready to sell. Learning from my previous e-Bay failure I set up automated bidding with a ceiling price that was almost certainly going to win the auction. I wasn't going to lose out twice!

And win it I did. 

This website picks up on the story from then as I now embark on a final stage of renovation to take the bike back to showroom condition.