The Honda CB125 T was introduced into the UK in 1977. The bike I have has been renovated to match the T2 model, which became available in May 1978. The engine and frame of my bike at from the earlier T model, whereas wheels, paint/decals and other major identifying parts are matched to the later T2. 

The original 1977 T variant had spoked wheels, but almost all other parts are shared with the T2. The T2 continued to sell until 1980 when it in turn was superseded by the CB125 TA. To my mind the zenith of the model was the 1978/79 T2.

Both the T and T2 had a kick starter and electronic start was not added until the newer models arrived in 1982. 

The Honda CB125 T2 sold well in the UK throughout 1978/79 due to its sleek, modern (at the time) looks and punchy engine. The cost in 1979 was around £680 and the bike was available in red, silver, blue, black and white.