Motorcycle transporter

The bike arrives

It's fair to say that the delivery of the bike didn't go exactly smoothly. The guy who I was buying the bike from couldn't have been more helpful.

The same however could not be said about the delivery service I had chosen. Their name, which now escapes me (a good thing as I do not want to promote them in any way) had been found on the Web, searching for a 'specialist' motorcycle transportation company. I was assured that they had all the best facilities and were experts at this kind of collection. 

The bike was collected in Yorkshire and eventually made its way to Edinburgh. I suspect it went via East Anglia or perhaps Devon as it was best part of a week before it re-surfaced. And by the time it did the tank had a nasty dent in it (see Before pictures in the Gallery). Of course they denied they had damaged it and were not willing to accept any responsibility.

This is the risk you run using a collection service and my advice if you do the same is as follows:

  • Have photographs taken on collection and verified by the driver
  • Speak to the driver and ask him to tell you of any marks that are on the bike
  • Check they have insurance and cover for any damages
  • Check their policy and terms and conditions
  • Check some customer comments or testimi