First ride

It's kind of strange getting on to a 1970s learner bike after years riding state-of-the-art sportsbikes. 

The first thing I noticed was how small the bike felt. The next thing you notice is the bolt upright riding position. 

However, once you're out on the road it's actually quite comfortable and even today it makes a lot of sense as a commuter bike. It's got enough power to keep up with traffic around town, but the skinny wheels take some getting used to.

The brakes are what you would expect of that era. The front disk feels very weak when compared to modern 4 and 6 pot calipers that will stop you on a sixpence. The brakes therefore need to be treated with respect and a healthy distance should be maintained between you and the vehicle in front. 

The bike is a huge amount of fun and I arrived back after my first run out with a big smile on my face.