Bike Paints deliver

The summer of 78 was hot. Damn hot. Boney M topped the charts, we all had Night Fever at the cinema and a few miles from my home the first test tube baby - Louise Brown - was born. 

The other big event that year was the arrival of my first motorcycle, or to be more precise, moped - a Yamaha FS1M. Basically this was Fizzer, but with footrests instead of pedals. My independence had arrived, my popularity at school soared and my poor mother lay awake most nights wondering if I’d get home in one piece. Those were the days.
It didn’t take too long for the limitations of a restricted 30mph moped to kick in. Older boys were strutting there stuff on RD200s, X7s etc. but I wanted something a bit more, you know, sophisticated. Seventeen year olds back then could ride 100mph 250s, but I decided that the Honda 125 Twin would fit the bill. My parents weren’t particularly ‘well off’ and I didn’t have a job, so any hope I had of trading up on my birthday were quickly dashed. 
The Honda CB125 Twin was known as the baby ‘Superdream’ complete with sexy costar wheels and packing a 16.5hp punch. It looked gorgeous and my local Honda dealer had a lovely white one on a revolving stand in the window. I took my parents up to see this and they concurred that indeed it did look nice, but the £680 price tag was a non-starter and I should get a part time job in a supermarket and start saving up.
Now some of you will know much of this story already. Here’s the original instalment if you don’t. But fast-forward to 2014 and after an aggressive bidding war on eBay I secured a 1977 Honda CB125 Twin in reasonable nick. Only one problem (well, two actually, if you include the damaged tank) it was silver, not white.
So you may recall that in January I trekked across to Cupar to drop off the tank, side panels and mudguards at Bike Paints for repair, renovation and to repaint in ceramic white. I also took across the comstar wheels for blasting and powder-coating. It was meant to take about 8 weeks, but Bike Paints are an in-demand business and in the end it took about twelve. But the wait was worth it. I picked up the parts in early May and the painting of the tank and bodywork is first class, they even had the decals re-made as the ones I’d provided were not authentic. I recommend them highly, but be prepared to wait. It’s also not that cheap, but these guys do a top class job.
So, here we are in May 2015. Some 13,440 days later and I finally have the bike of my dreams - a fully restored, WHITE, Honda CB125 Twin. I hope you like it.
Thanks to Elliot Beattie for helping put the bike back together again and to Deirdre and the team at Bike Paints for the patience and dedication to doing a first-class job. I might even ride it up to The Steading one dry Sunday morning, but I doubt it’s up to a ride out as the top speed is about 60.