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The Story

Where it started

The Honda CB125T2 was first on sale in the UK in 1978. Around that time I was a fifteen year old boy looking forward to riding my Yamaha FS1M on public roads once my sixteenth birthday arrived in the December of that year.

It didn't take long on a restricted 50cc moped to realise I needed a more powerful tool. Enter the Honda CB125T2. Ahead of its time in terms of styling, this was potent for its time, packing a 17HP engine that could, on a good day, see 75-80 mph! 

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Refurbished Wheels

Refurbished Wheels

Pristine Paintwork

Pristine Paintwork

Hot Metal

Hot Metal

Retro Lights

Retro Lights

  • Handling

    You won't be getting your knee down. 1970s skinny tyres and suspension puts to rest any crazy ideas.

  • Speed

    It will sit happily at 55-60mph, but speeds much above this need the right circumstances and a little help from gravity.

  • Brakes

    The brakes are the things that most show their age. They stop just like they did in 1979 - eventually.

  • Comfort

    You wouldn't go touring on this, but a short regular commute is perfectly acceptable.

  • Bike Paints

    Bike Paints of Cupar in Fife are specialist in classic and vintage bodywork delivering a show standard finish.

    Not easy to find, tucked away in a rural corner of Fife, Bike Paints are a gem of a business, delivering good old fashioned craftsmanship and a passion for all things bikes.

    Bike Paints repainted the tank, side panels, mudguards and powder-coated the comstar wheels.

    Bike Paints Cupar

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  • David Silver Spares

    David Silver helped with the refurbishment by providing expert help on locating the right parts for my UK model and colour option. Their website allows you to set up notifications for parts as they become available for your bike.

    "David Silver Spares where my 'go to' supplier for replacement parts. They are the UK specialist in Honda motorcycle parts and accessories from the 1960s to 2005 models.

    Items purchased from David Silver Spares include exhaust, downpipes, levers, winkers, steering locks and lots of small parts too numerous to list here.

    David Silver Spares

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  • Elliot Beattie

    Over a period of six months Elliot helped repair the front brake, remove the tank, mudguards and wheels and then got them all back on again once they had come back from Bike Paints.

    Thanks to Elliot Beattie, Secretary of Edinburgh and District Advanced Motorcyclists (EDAM) for helping take bits off and put them back on again later.

    Elliot Beattie spends a lot of his time volunteering with biking group, EDAM. This involves observed rides to help get Associate riders ready for their IAM Advanced Bike Test.

    Elliot Beattie

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Before & After

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